Privatno križarjenje ob sončnem zahodu s pijačo in prigrizki

Privatno križarjenje ob sončnem zahodu s pijačo in prigrizki

Romantično križarjenje ob sončnem zahodu.

Zgodovinske pripovedi, očarljiva sredozemska narava, toplina sonca, bližina mestnega vrveža in srčnost ljudi kar kličejo po doživetjih. Posebno doživetje na slovenski obali vas popelje na nepozabno izkušnjo na tradicionalni leseni istrski barki iz leta 1947. Barka je prenovljena in prilagojena za popolno sprostitev ob kozarčku lokalnega vrhunskega vina in okusnih istrskih prigrizkih. Večerno križarjenje vključuje postanek v zalivu, kjer boste ulovili sončne žarke in lahko uživali v skokih v vodo.

Na plovilu je prostora za do 10 oseb, poleg osnovne ponudbe lahko izberete dodatne možnosti ob rezervaciji.

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About the city

Piran is one of the most visited cities in Slovenia, situated in the so-called Slovenian Istria, is one of the most beautiful places in the area. Its name comes from the Greek, and as it is intuited is related to the Fire, the legend says that it is due to the torches that its inhabitants ignited so that they acted like beacon for navigators, is a place that seems taken out of a story, if we walk For its old town we observe that it is preserved in perfect condition, being one of the best preserved of the area. It is a city to be photographed, its orography and landscape love the objectives. Getting lost in its streets, having coffee in one of its squares is a pleasure for travelers. Piran rises on a small peninsula that proudly welcomes the lighthouse and bell tower of the Church of San Clemente. Its buildings reminiscent of Venice, palaces and houses of the aristocracy remain impassive in our path. One of the most famous squares is named after the violinist Giuseppe Tartini, the statue of the composer accompanies such a beautiful place, you should not blink, walk near the walled area, enter one of its ten churches, visit the aquarium, Go to the salt flats, the Venetian House or taste a good dish of Slovenian gastronomy is a pleasure. Dedicating part of our time in walking through the walls of Piran, is a pleasure, are formed by creating two parallel rows, built between the VII and XVI centuries.

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Private Sunset Cruise at Slovenian Riviera with drinks & canapés

day 0 - Cruise with soft drinks, wine, cheese board, cold cuts and gin & tonic - Premium

Historical tales, enchanting Mediterranean nature, warmth of the sun, closeness to the hustle and bustle of the city ... all calling for adventures.

Discover Slovenian coast’s stunning secret spots aboar antique (yr. 1947) traditional Istrian wooden sailboat and enjoy a selection of tasty local cold cuts and a bottle of chilled wine or champagne (select with booking).

This fully renovated antique boat offers a large sun deck for a complete relaxation, lounge area & stylish saloon with wine coolers full of choosen wine selection.

Allow yourself to be carried away by mystical medieval coastal towns and stunning untouched bays before you anchor for a optional soothing swim and enjoy water jumps in the bay. There is room for up to 10 guests on board.

Enjoy your unforgettable day on the Slovenian coast with this Luxury Slovenia exclusive experience.


Privatno križarjenje ob sončnem zahodu s pijačo in prigrizki
Privatno križarjenje ob sončnem zahodu s pijačo in prigrizki